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Know the Facts

Microchipping your Pet

The most important thing to know about microchipping you pet is that it’s your best chance of having them returned to you if they are lost.

  • The percentage of lost dogs returned to their owners from shelters is 2.4 times higher for microchipped dogs versus those that are not.
  • Microchipped cats are 20 times more likely to be returned to owners!
  • Microchips are not GPS trackers. They cannot tell us your pet’s location. The microchip must be scanned by a vet or at a shelter before a connection is made between you and your pet. Most clinics and shelters scan lost pets for free.
  • Microchips don’t contain your personal information. Pet owners must register with the microchip provider and provide their contact information. Remember to update your info if there’s a change!
  • Microchipping is a safe procedure performed with the quick injection of a very small chip. It is not costly to microchip your pet, and we can do it when you come in for vaccines or other procedures.
  • August 15 is national Check the Chip Day, but we can scan your pet’s microchip whenever you visit to ensure it’s working properly.

We have seen cases firsthand where a microchip has made the difference between a happy reunion and heartbreak. Take advantage of this wonderful technology! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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