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Canine Heartworm:

Why Your Dog Needs Protection

Heartworm disease is caused by a parasite that is carried to dogs, cats and other mammals through the bites of mosquitos. The mosquito transmits the larval form of a roundworm that can grow a foot long and infest the heart, lungs and blood vessels of mammals. Heartworm is a painful disease that causes severe lung dysfunction, heart failure, and damage to other organs.

The first signs of heartworm disease are appetite loss, weight loss, lethargy and becoming easily fatigued. A dog will develop a persistent cough as the disease progresses. The medications used to treat infected dogs are harsh, and hospitalization will be necessary. Regrettably, not all pets recover.

Only consistent prevention can keep your dog safe from heartworm disease. Since preventatives can cause complications in a dog already infected, they must be tested annually even if prevention medication is given year-round. Your dog can still become infected if you are late giving just one dose of a monthly medication!

Year-round prevention is critical, so if your pet is not on a preventative or hasn’t been tested in the last year, please call us right away. We have various options for prevention and will be happy to discuss which one is right for your pet.

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