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Safeguard Your Pup Against Parvovirus

Parvo, a lethal virus spread through the feces of infected dogs, is one of the diseases we are most concerned about in puppies and immune suppressed dogs. Attacking unvaccinated puppies and adolescent dogs, Parvovirus preys especially on the young, which is why we recommend restricting your pup from public outdoor areas until their vaccination series is completed at 16 weeks. Disinfecting an area where the virus has been present is extremely difficult, and in warmer climates, the virus can survive up to a year in the environment.

If a dog is infected, the virus first sets up in the lymph nodes in the throat and quickly replicates in large numbers. Within a couple of days significant amounts of the virus have been released into the bloodstream. Within three to four days, the virus seeks new organs to infest, such as bone marrow and delicate intestinal cells. Parvovirus has a three- to seven-day incubation period before the puppy appears obviously ill.   

When Parvovirus is left untreated, it results in death in 50 percent of cases. Diarrhea and vomiting lead to extreme fluid loss and dehydration. The virus attacks intestinal cells and the intestinal barrier is compromised, allowing bacteria to invade the entire body.

A puppy diagnosed with Parvovirus must be isolated, hospitalized, and treated with IV fluids and antibiotics. While the damaged immune system is trying to respond to treatment, fluid loss and bacterial invasion can still cause damage.

Prevention is the most important thing to remember about Parvovirus. We recommend bringing your new puppy in for vaccinations every three weeks until he reaches 16 weeks to boost his defenses against Parvo and other diseases. Be sure to keep your puppy isolated from unvaccinated dogs during this period.

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